North Coast Festival Tips

What should you do if you are questioned by the police at the North Coast Musical, or on your way there? It is important to protect and your rights.

The police and security do have the right to search your bags and your person entering the grounds at Union Park. But your vehicle on the road, that’s a different matter.  Here are some tips if you are pulled over:

  • Do not answer any questions without speaking to an attorney. Here’s the thing most people don’t understand: You are almost never going to talk yourself out of trouble. But it is very easy for you to talk yourself into trouble, and hand the police evidence against you. And the police may lie to you. So just say nothing other than “Am I being detained, or am I free to go?”
  • Do not agree to have your person or your vehicle searched. The police might threaten to get a warrant, which doesn’t mean they will follow through. They might be lying or just trying to bully you. “Get a warrant, or allow me to go”. If they, do, they do.
  • Do not agree to have your phone searched. You might have incriminating texts on your phone that can be used against you. And again, the absence of evidence is not going to help you.
  • Remain calm as you resist these demands. They may try to be imposing and get under your skin. Be as relaxed as possible, but firm.

Personal safety at North Coast

north coast festival legal and safety tips
stokpic / Pixabay

The days outside are long, so be cool and stay cool. Other helpful tips to have a good time while at the event.

  • Moderate your alcohol consumption.  Dehydration is a serious risk being outdoors all day in the sun.  Alcohol can not only accelerate dehydration but can also make you not notice the problem.
  • Drink lots of water. As above. Stay hydrated! It’s Summer in Chicago.
  • Wear sunscreen. Did I mention it’s Summer in Chicago?
  • Be very careful with your phone, your valuables, and other belongings. In a huge crowd, there are going to be opportunists and even professional thieves. Protect and watch your stuff.

If you are arrested or injured, don’t hesitate to call us to find out if we can help.